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24.07.2024 г.
  • usd 1 USD = 1.80095 BGN
  • gbp 1 GBP = 2.32635 BGN
  • chf 1 CHF = 2.02028 BGN

  • usd 1 USD = 1.80095 BGN
  • gbp 1 GBP = 2.32635 BGN
  • chf 1 CHF = 2.02028 BGN

If you are looking for the right Property Management company for maintenance and administration of real estates – holiday villages, apartments, residential or business buildings – you are at the right place.

Why to use a professional property management company?

  To get in a clean and homely building even before you enter the apartment.

  To be free of carking cares.

  To have time for yourself, your family, holiday, work

  The value of the property goes up instead of down whether you own it, rent it out or sell it.

  To be sure your property receives the best possible care and attention.

  To be certain that the monthly bills for electricity, water, telephone, municipal taxes, are paid on time.

  To know that your home is secure and safe.

  All this at reasonable price – better than if you look for various services alone.

Are you tired of stopped elevators and lighting in the entrance, conflicts with neighbors about payments, ongoing repairs and the like?

The wasted time and nerves on pointless quarrels at general meetings attended by only a few owners, the tours of apartments to collect the next installment or signature from a crooked neighbor and at least as much wasted time until you pay all the bills?

Why choose Modern Property?

High quality

we are highly committed to provide quality services, proved by the numerous satisfied customers.


we are one of the first Property management companies in Bulgaria, with many years of experience with thorough knowledge for the real estates, the property management and the country specifics in general.


our professional standards guarantee, that all is done quickly, efficiently and at a good price.

Flexibility and individual approach

the individual approach towards particular client and property.

The personal contact is of first importance for understanding, specifying and properly managing the individual needs of each of our clients and their properties.

To avoid the complicated laws and regulations, damages, carelessness, bureaucracy, rubbish, incorrect neighbors - your building needs Modern Property management.